We set out to make a difference for our customers. The primary focus is on understanding our customers, their background, business culture and requirements. Most important is the translation to defining the goal the client wants to achieve and how our services can contribute to achieving that goal. This is how we distinguish ourselves in our approach to customers and our service level.

'Acquion blue' is a term coined to express our way of doing business: Acquion's commitment to customers is just that bit different, goes just a little further, with an eye for detail, a sense of the corporate environment and, above all, top quality - in other words: 'Acquion blue' represents clear, added value.

Our focus on results means that we are definitely practical, 'hands on' people - based, to be sure, on a proper (conceptual) analysis of the situation. It's about balancing a clear, high-quality analysis and fast, determined and streamlined execution. It's an ability to see things from the client's point of view that begins with the common ground of the project, such as the client's internal organisations, and translating those subjects that are important into the (technical) affinity with the most minute details of the performance. In short: having a feel for which details might affect the main points, the critical path.