Surplus is a commodity (or group of commodities) that has been sold from the OEM to a customer (owner), but somewhere down the line the owner doesnt need or want that particular commodity anymore (possibly even in the phase were the production of that same commodity has yet to begin). Obvious reasons are a change in strategy, the remainder at the end of a major project, consolidation of warehouses, the insolvency of a company etc.

In the generic sense, surplus is defined as commodities that are unused, completely documented (certificates if applicable) and in good condition. Surplus needs to meet these three main criteria.

More specifically for the energy and process industry:

remaining quantities of Piping, Fittings and Flanges (PFF), valves ET/instrumentation and machine parts from construction projects, parts that have become obsolete or former spare parts, that are new, have documentation (certificates) and are in good condition.

For an example of what we have in stock, please consult the stock list.