Surplus Material Management

Surplus Material Management (SMM) includes the stocking and sale of PFF and valves as well as the stocking and sale of dedicated upstream-related materials, such as heavy duty valves, X-mass trees, tubing hangers, chemical injectors and general OCTG.

SMM relies on recognition of the fact that there are two "customer sides" and on bringing these two together. Acquion recognizes this principle and has created products for both customer sides.

On the one side, there is the surplus providing client. A vast amount of new process industry hardware is lying unused on owners' premises around the world. It often takes up valuable space and involves administration and storage costs. Most owners would like to dispose of their surplus, but don't have the time or the expertise to do so and make money to boot. However, if done right, it is certainly possible to make this a financial success. For the surplus-providing client our focus is on lowest costs, highest prices for surplus. This means lower storage costs, lower storage value and revenue from the sale of surplus. Acquion has several tools at its disposal to help compute the best way to sell surplus material. The Economic Business Model (BEM) is one such tool.

On the other side, there is the buying or sales client. Many industrial process operations around the world are urgently looking for PFF and valves that are not on stock. The engineering, construction and delivery times are long. Besides the time factor, the price for urgent delivery can be high. Acquion wants to offer a best price/direct delivery product for customers on the demand side. We are devoting a great deal of effort to composing a unique stock of material for a European and Global market. If the particular request is not on stock we have technical staff to search for an alternative, based on fit-for-purpose if need be. We also offer logistical support.

In some cases both client sides are represented in the same company. Major international oil companies are a good example. We have created an integrated total solution product for large customers who represent both the surplus-providing side and the demand side.

But we are also widening our approach. There are a number of important interfaces in material handling where Acquion has expertise or is building it. Main interfaces are maintenance strategy (Reliability Centered Maintenance), spare parts, shutdowns, stops and overhauls and Asset Recovery Management.