Acquion has a specifically strong competence in the field of analysis. We therefore can come to grip with very complex problems and situations. We bring seemingly inscrutable problems back to simple blocks with relationships, thereby providing insight into the logics of the core of the problem.

The consultancy services can be divided into two main groups.

  • Strategic Advice. Advice on and implementation and review of management systems and others. But also advice on strategic issues concerning material management and the other fields of support for operations. Acquion has developed a model to compute an optimal strategy for surplus and assets. This important tool was inspired by our drive to optimise net revenues from surplus and assets: the Economic Business Model (BEM).
  • Industrial Services. Implementation of strategic advice. Services consist of shutdown operations, pipeline services and inspections, reallocation of equipment and plants, dismantling and scrap.

The two services may overlap. Our ambition is to offer full implementation of our own (strategic) advice.