Strategic Advice

We wish to provide a broader and more intensive approach to the support of the core business of our customers. Our aim is maximizing positive contribution to their core business. By extending our services to the fields of maintenance and spare parts, rational back-up services for SMM and ARM (BEM) and other services, we are confident that we are well-placed to deliver the best performance for our clients.

Maintenance and spare parts strategies

Maintenance strategy. Besides construction, material management is an issue that often comes up in connection with maintenance. If we want to incorporate material management into your maintenance strategy, an understanding of the background and philosophy of maintenance is essential. We can provide you with this extended service.

One way to determine a maintenance strategy is based on the methodology of Simplified Reliability Centered Maintenance (S-RCM). A Functional Failure Analysis guides you to a structured approach. By critically analysing the financial costs of non-conformance, costs of preventive maintenance, environmental issues, safety and health issues, it is possible to devise a well-balanced maintenance strategy. In our view and experience, it is important and useful to integrate maintenance and material management.

Spare parts strategy. An obvious extension of material management is spare part management. It also links to the maintenance strategy. Depending on the criticality (reliability) of the plant it is possible to decide whether or not to keep spare parts on stock. This is one part of the story. If you have high value assets with expensive spare parts, an integrated solution can save considerable amounts of money while reliability remains in tact; this is quite feasible, but it does require the right expertise.

Spare parts strategy completes the triangle of interdisciplinary support for reliable operations

Economic Business Model (BEM) The BEM is a tool developed by Acquion to compute optimised revenue possibilities of surplus or assets. Taking into account a variety of factors, such as inflation, depreciation, interest rates, minimal return on investment, operational cost etc., it is possible to compute the period of time you can stock your surplus or assets so as to maximize net revenue when selling the surplus or asset. Graphics help visualise the outcome of the model’s algorithm.

Inspection strategies. Part of the company originated from the inspection business. Especially on the pipeline inspection side we have vast experience; from pipeline pigging programs to pipeline condition monitoring strategies. Included in these services are operational training programs for pigging operators, and evaluation programs for pipeline inspections tools.

Shutdowns. Unfortunately, shutdowns, whether planned or unforeseen, are inevitable. Legislation and inspection are two main reasons why (industrial) processes must be discontinued with a certain frequency. Apart from the cost of preparation, parts and materials, the loss of revenue is a major financial issue. The business aims to minimize downtime. We distinguish three phases in the shutdown process. With differentiated approaches, we strive to save time in order to keep shutdown time to a minimum:

  • The actual shutdown and stopping of the process.
    Major issues involve the cooling down of the process.
  • The stop itself.
    Major issues are logistics and project management: sequence. But also flexible material management.
  • The start-up.
    Major issues involve the warming up of the process and getting the settings of the process right.

Organizational advice. We find it helps our services and our customers to get e proper understanding of the company that engages us. We spend considerable time and effort understanding the culture of the company, its organization, and its people. With our broad customer base we have received recognition for the various, often challenging, factors which come into play when dealing with complex strategies or organizational changes. Acquion can assist in the concomitant managerial and organizational advice.

We provide workshops on change management. Based on basic principles of pure association of individuals and groups, a training program has been developed to release the individual strengths in such a way that it benefits the group. We recommend that management teams participate; genuine, positive feedback has been received from the participants of this program.

We can advise and assist on the structuring of the organization. By putting the inherent strengths of the company to work, a sustainable contribution to better performance can be elicited. Acquion can act as the catalyst in the process of changing the company into an even more effective organization.