At the start, at the origin of thoughts, problems, questions or requests we develop ideas, concepts, solutions and strategies. With and for our clients but also autonomously.


We develop from maintenance contracts and models for corporate real estate to international lodging concepts. From redesign and face-lifts to new buildings and hotels. From blueprints and roll-outs to dynamic redevelopment of existing areas. From temporary housing to major changes in existing infrastructure.


Through our analytical skills we bring seemingly inscrutable problems, ideas or questions back to simple 'blocks' with relationships, thereby providing insight into the logics of the core of the matter.
We look differently. Looking at the same, we see something else. We see opportunities; we generate out-of-the-box solutions and ideas. We are creative not loosing sight of functionality; a pragmatic basis is a base value.


  • Contract strategy for real estate portfolio focused on maintenance of a major bank (global top-25)
  • Development plan for university grounds including all infrastructures.
  • Various (high-level) strategy plans for office concepts for major corporate companies. Mainly focused on head office buildings.
  • Creation of a special steel construction for a supermarket. With the availability of just old units (written-off) we took out all the steel elements and created a complete new construction that suited the function.
  • ...