Further than project management, as a silent continuation of the developed strategy, we take on complete (financial) responsibility for project implementation.


The best examples of realization are lump-sum implementation projects. With financial risk and responsibility for the result (planning, budget and scope) we deliver the complete implementation. In a main contractor role we do the same; taking the overall responsibility and working with sub-contractors for the actual implementation.
We also execute what we develop.


On top of the required skills for project management crucial additional elements are needed. Although in essence it may be the same as project management, realization requires another way of planning, administrating, financial structuring, risk assessing etc. With a healthy financial backing and equipped with a broad range of expertise to accommodate such working Acquion can take responsibility and really help to take the worries out of the hands of our clients.


  • The reinforcement of the complete raised floor construction of Europe's largest dealing room (> 4.000 m2) while in operation.
  • Build-up of a grocery store (steal construction taken out of old units) in less than two months for a leading supermarket company.
  • Turn-key delivery of high-spec (head office quality) temporally office building of over 16.000 m2 within 6 months for a major bank (global top-25). Including all furniture, move-in of the personnel.
  • Complete rebuilt of one of The Netherlands' largest lobby's (corporate headquarter) with intensive cooperation with a leading architect. Apart from quality an almost impossible mix of elements had to be addressed: open culture yet with highest safety requirements (access control), introducing new functionalities in an existing situation and doing the implementation during 4 months without any disturbance and working only outside office hours.
  • ...