Strategy and Project Integration

Our added value, our 'Acquion blue' is best generated with our involvement through the whole trajectory: integration from start to finish. 'Acquion blue' making the significant difference; taking our clients to better.


We take it from initiation to realization; but also further, such as maintenance, service and operations. When we work for our clients they can choose: the three steps (development, management and realization) but also integration (of which operation and services) are modular elements. We provide the elements that best fit the specific situation.


Integrating development, (project) management and realization gets us involved to the max. Enabling us to be an extension of our clients, in turn generating high quality, effectiveness and efficiency. We understand all elements of the process and have the tools and the experience to be an integrator successfully. Involvement in the earlier parts of processes and projects enables thinking through of issues that could become relevant in later stages. It de-isolates the various stages of the process, linking them with the vital dependencies.