(Project) Management

The terminology "project management" is well known and widely used. Successful project management though is not the common denominator of the users of the terminology. Driven by our vision, by our urge to set an extra step, by complete project comprehension we manage a project to success.


All aspects of project management are represented. The role of main contractor suites us best; as a spider in its web whereby we control all aspects. We manage local and international projects. From smaller dedicated jobs to major infrastructural projects.


It is a variation of aspects that makes it possible to excel. We have a flexible attitude but we are also very flexible through our availability (if needed 24-7). We have the empathizing capabilities: people, sense of urgency and sense of responsibility. We do what is needed; we know how to do it en when to do it.


  • Various projects as part of a total upgrade program (over 16 million Euro in total) of a headquarter building for a major bank (global top-25).
  • Huge move management (> 2000 moves) of a corporate major: strategic consolidation, merging process. All planning, communication, monitoring and after care.
  • Access control project; complete phase-in phase-out of a new system in a large building in operation (> 3000 employees).
  • Managing one of Europe's largest relocations of a project facility (12.000m2).
  • ...