Working for Acquion

We look for, and nurture, personal excellence in all our people. It is our belief that exceptional performance is possible when each individual has found personal balance in his or her life. In that light, ambitions must be recognised, a balance found between the work and private life of each individual, and room should be given to allow personal interests to develop in a professional environment. Acquion believes strongly in encouraging and facilitating the personal growth of its people. When you like your job, you give it your all.

Doing the things we do at the highest standard of quality is of paramount importance to being and staying successful. In addition to the basic competencies embedded in the organisation, the high level of quality at Acquion depends on its people.

We look for our people to be:

  • customer-driven: we don't stop until the job is fully done and, if necessary, we work way outside the regular office hours.
  • distinguished: we have style and class, but we don't flaunt it.
  • empathic: we get a good feel for the situation the customer (the individuals involved, as well as the organisation as the whole) is in.
  • able to listen (translate): by listening well, we will be able to truly satisfy the customers real needs.
  • professional: we deliver quality, an excellent finished product, appropriate conduct (informal as opposed to formal) and style.
  • intelligent and analytical: these qualities enable us to translate complex situations into practical solutions.
  • pleasant and likeable: it is a pleasure to work with us (co-workers, both in house and at clients), we contribute to a positive atmosphere and remain modest at all times.

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